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Prisma Design melayani design interior.


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Prisma Design melayani design advertising indoor.


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Prisma Design melayani design advertising outdoor.


Welcome to Prisma Design
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Indonesian economy, business and technology are growing very rapidly. The demand for a good professsional services in architecture, interior and graphic design is still rising. Both regional and national development program increases global challenges and competition asks critical and qualified professionals with strong business sense, leadership and creativity.

Founded in 2005, PRISMA DESIGN is entering its 4th anniversary as one of the fast growing interior design & advertising contractor meets our customer needs where the work atmosphere are based on the values of trust and empathy in entire of the services that all account for our success to be the best reputable business partner.

We offer an integration of science, technology, management skill and arts, and their strategical implementation in all of our projects with the new emphasis on balancing time accurately and high perfection of works. Our experts ready to help you to makes a breakthrough for the most valuable cost projects to answer your needs.



To becoming respond ethically and strategically to the challenges of who are able to solve problems creatively, who can seize opportunities for the benefit of customer.


To be the leading business organization that enhances the nation’s development program to face the global competition through apllication
science, technology, management skill and arts.

Performance Standards

H I G H   P E R F E C T I O N

T I M E   A C C U R A T E L Y

I N T E G R A T E D  K N O W L E D G E

A F T E R  S A L E S  S E R V I S E





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